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Your cat will love Climbing, Scratching and Playing, on our exciting range of ...

"Cat Furniture"

Our Cat Furniture is of solid construction and covered with High Quality Wool Carpet.

We Have a range of carpet colours so please indicate your 1st and 2nd choice and we will do our best to supply.

Only Genuine New Zealand Sheepskins are used on all our products.

All Cat furniture products available from your local petstore

Click on the image of the product for a larger view.

Cat Scratch Poles

Rope & 1/2 Rope


large  700mm high

both 500mm high 

small base 430x150mm

medium 500mm high


large base 530x190mm

small 400mm high

1/2 Rope 


Small Cat Tower

Mini Play Tower

Cat Play Tower No 1

360mm high x 380mm wide

700mm high

1.05m high

Tunnel Bed

Three Tier Kitty Climber


450mm long x 400 high

1400mm high

450mm long x 400 high

Cat Napper

Kitty Delite

Delux Tree House Large

850mm High

1100mm High

base 550 x 550mm

height 1600mm

Play 'n' Groom

Play Ring

Tall Tower

450mm long x 360mm wide

400mm High

700mm high

Topcat Playground

Large Hammock

Small Hammock

1200mm long x 700mm wide
2400 High

We will customise for you using our range of units to your design.

Or let us design a playground for your cat!

1200mm Long x 500mm Wide
1600mm High

800mm Long x 500 Wide
1050mm High